Product information:

When not cleaned thoroughly, human tissue, blood and bodily fluids left on reusable medical devices and surgical instruments can easily produce bacterial microorganisms.  These microorganisms interact and adhere to the surface of the object to form a   biofilm.   If not soaked and pre-washed soon after use, biofilm often takes less than 2 hours to form on the surface of surgical instruments. Once formed, biofilm is very difficult to remove and may cause subsequent failures in sterilization and   cross-infection control   in the hospital environment.

About Jesmond Medi-Cleaner:

Using   the   latest medical enzyme technology,   Jesmond Medi-Cleaner MC5179A   (for Auto Washer/Disinfector) and MC5179M (for Manual wash) can quickly and effectively break down blood, tissue, fat and other bodily secretions. They can digest as well as release organic and microbiological stains that adhere to   medical   equipment   and effectively   remove    various   medical soils and biofilm.


üFour enzymes for rapid soil removal

üLow temperature activation, non-foaming

üpH neutral,  material compatible with most instrument

üProprietary formulas, EU laboratory testing

üAustralian made and TGA approved medical product



Jesmond Medi-Cleaner contains enzymes> 150 grams, surfactant> 450 grams, as well as a range of solvents and auxiliary substances> 450 grams. 


Package size:

5 litre

Direction for use:

Medi-Cleaner is suitable for reprocessing medical devices of most types including endoscopes and luminal instruments.  It can be used with a range of materials such as glass, rubber, plastic, stainless steel and other metal materials

For Washers

Jesmond MC5179A (5 litre bucket) Medical Cleaner For  Auto wash:

Dilution ratio:  1: 100-300 (depending on soil level and water hardness).

Diluted solution: can be used in ultrasonic and auto washers/disinfectors

Auto wash procedure:

1. Use Jesmond MC5179A (5 litre bucket)

2. Dilute to 1: 100-300 (depending on soil level and water hardness) solution by using the washer’s mixing function.

3. Set the wash time for 20 minutes and rinse with distilled water for 5 minutes.

4. Wait for the washer finish the washing circle.

* Washer temperature setting:  30 – 40°C  (35°C recommended)

For Manual Wash

Jesmond MC5179M (5 litre bucket) or MC1179M (1 litre bucket) Medical Cleaner for Manual Wash:

Dilution ratio:  1: 100-300 (depending on soil level and water hardness)

Soak for 7-10 minutes in diluted solution.

Diluted solutions can be used in prewash soaking, manual wash and ultrasonic washers.

Manual wash procedure:

1. Use Jesmond MC5179M (5 litre bucket) or MC1179M (1 litre bucket).

2. Dilute to 1: 100-300 (depending on soil level and water hardness) solution.

3. Soak contaminated instrument in the solution for 7-10 minutes.

4. Gently brush, washing for 5-10 minutes and avoiding splashing.

* Wash solution temperature:  30 – 40°C  (35°C recommended)


Manual wash is recommended for valuable medical equipment, particularly luminal instruments.


Precautions and Storage:

1. Jesmond Medi-Cleaner A/M series products are concentrated solutions which should be diluted based on soil level and water hardness.  They are safe at use concentrations. Jesmon Medi-Cleaner is not suitable to be used as detergents on humans, animals and food. Protective measures such as suitable clothing, masks and gloves should be worn while using the products at all times.

2. The operating environment should be well-ventilated.

3. Should  the  product  come  into  contact  with  the  eyes  or  skin,  immediately rinse under running tap water for at least 10 minutes   while  seeking medical help.

4. Store the products indoor in a cool and shady place.  If leaking occurs, please rinse with plenty of water.

5. The shelf life of Jesmond Medi-Cleaner is 2 years.  Use within 6 weeks of opening the seal cap.  Diluted solutions should be used within 24 hours.

Emergency Handling

Hotline: 131 126 Toll free Australia wide.